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By Dana Smith
2015, San Francisco, California
edition of 8
Later Heaven is inspired by the ancient "book" or divination manual currently called the I Ching, or Yi Jing. Also known as "The Book of Changes" it can be traced back as far as 3000 years in written form, and the it was probably passed down as oral tradition for 2000 years before that.
Later Heaven is printed on 55gsm Moab Moenkopi Unryu rice paper using Epson pigment based inks. Each book is hand bound by Dana Smith using a variation of a coptic binding with two spines, one at the top and the other at the bottom to enable the creation of the various hexagrams by the reader. The cover is digitally printed on silk moire bookbinding material over boards. The closed book measures 12" by 12". Each book is housed in a custom hand-made box. Signed by the artist and blindstamped
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