Cover of Waves of Seeing by Dana Smith: Image based, immediate and highly detailed, specific and universal at once. The narrative is told with a series of images, and follows a magic penny that is dropped into a panhandler's cup, later reappears in dream space as a benefic force, a lucky penny found on the sidewalk. Some images are created with photo-collage techniques using Photoshop. then manipulated with collage elements or over-painted with metallic and other paints outside the inkjet gamut using stencil techniques. The pentagonal form of the book makes for an unfamiliar cropping of the images inside. The project is conceived as a variable edition of 20 copies. So the book will evolve over the course of the edition. Collections: University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Florida Atlantic University, The Arthur and Mata Jaffe Center for Book Arts, Davis Riemer Collection, Bay Area, California.