A Tribal Warning book front by Serge El Beze

A Tribal Warning collage by Serge El Beze

Criticism, Culture, Collage
by Serge El Beze aka dj Cheb i Sabbah

Dana Dana Dana has joined with the family of Serge El Beze to present a previously unpublished body of collage work that Serge El Beze created between the years of 1973 and 1990. The timeline of the book reflects the geographical course of Serge's life going from Paris, to Brooklyn, Alabama and California. The collages themselves tell the story of Serge's political and philisophical views and associations. This book is a tribute to an artist and friend.

Serge's daughter, Eva El Beze writes:
In this art book the reader gets a glimpse into the private world of internationally acclaimed DJ Cheb I Sabbah. Before he created and produced music Cheb, born Serge El Beze, was an actor with The Living Theatre traveling Europe and North America. He created these collages as a personal protest against government, war and murder. Serge's wish was for these pieces to be published and shared with the public. In collaboration with world renowned San Francisco artist, close family friend and former Tribal Warning Theatre member Dana Dana Dana who worked closely with Cheb I Sabbah on the artwork for his albums this wish was accomplished. The book opens with an introduction by his wife and co-creator of their anarchist theatre collective Tribal Warning Theatre, which is the logo featured on the cover, Suzanne Thomas giving us a glimpse into Serge's vision. An introduction from his son Elijah El Beze aka Opium Sabbah touching on conversations he had with his father concerning the message and intention of the collages. The prologue and epilogue are written by his daughter Eva El Beze as she remembers the teachings and values her dad instilled in her. Cheb I Sabbah was a very private person and as soon as he left the stage or recording studio he was once again Serge. These artworks are him as he was in his every day life.

A Tribal Warning is a print-on-demand book available through Blurb.com. at this link:
66 full color pages, 7.75 x 9.75 inches (20 x 25 cm)
Prologues by Suzanne Thomas, and Elijah El Beze
Introduction and Epilogue by Eva El Beze

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