Sweet Call and Response title page

Sweet Call and Response page one

Sweet Call and Response page eleven

By Dana F. Smith and Steve MacDonald (Ramblin' Worker)
2012, San Francisco, California
edition of 25

Sweet Call and Response was developed with an emphasis on experimentation with the materials - digital printing on canvas, photo collage, machine sewn thread, and sewn collage.

Instinctively, messages are sent to attract a response. This book is a visual poem about communication through the interplay of universal symbols and photographic images.

The book is printed entirely on canvas specially coated for digital printing with pigmented inks. A variety of sewing techniques, such as patchwork and embroidery, are applied to the pages over the ink. Each page of the book is treated with meticulous stitching executed by hand using a home sewing machine. Pages are affected on both sides by the stitching. Inverse images create a visual echo woven into the design of the book, which propels the narrative ever forward.

Designed by Dana F. Smith and Steve MacDonald
Digital printing by Dana F. Smith
Sewing by Steve MacDonald
Hand bound by Juliayn Coleman with a hard case canvas cover.
Closed book measures 16.5" by 12.5"
42 pages and endpapers
signed by the artists and blindstamped

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