Organik cover

Organik pages

Organik pages

The ORGANIK book
an artists book by ORGANIK
2010, edition of 20

ORGANIK is Kurt Allerslev, Marshall Weber, C. K. Wilde and guests. As the name spontaneous artmaking group, with spice, natural material and on the streets globally trace-image sampling. Unique artists book, drawing, installation, painting, and performance making in a collaboratively, telepathic relation, non-authorial. Ideas, ecological and theological from direct action to meandering. Group has a hard time not using yellow. (Quoted from Organik's statement of intent.)

The ORGANIK Book (#1)features text and image and performance selections from over ten years of the collaboration’s life. Using the same spontaneous and aleatory structure of ORGANIK’s artmaking modus operandi the book offers an organic, palimpsestual, glimpse into the life of the collaborative.

Featuring Organik and friends, Laura Smith, Sara Parkel, Eliana Perez, Lewis Koch, Mark Wagner, Allyson Melberg, and various others.

Photography and text by ORGANIK
Digital production and printing by Dana F. Smith.
Design by Dana F. Smith and Marshall Weber
Editorial by Marshal Weber, Laura Smith and ORGANIK
Ink jet printed on 100% rag digital paper using Epson pigment based inks,
Hand sewn binding by Dana F. Smith.
All materials in this book are of archival quality.


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