Mission Miracle Mile Revisited - Dana's Tours
Dana's Tours: Mission Miracle Mile Revisited
front cover

Mission Miracle Mile Revisited - Dana's Tours
Dana's Tours: Mission Miracle Mile Revisited
front endpaper and title page

A limited edition artist’s book with a short film included as a custom printed flash drive
San Francisco, California, 2014/2015

Photomontage and design by Dana Smith,
• Hand bound by Dana with a coptic stitched canvas cover
• All pages and cover trimmed with embossed copper strips
• Signed by the artist and blind stamped.
• Edition of 20.

With all the new building and accompanying disruption of residents, the time has come for an update to Dana’s 2009 work, Mission Miracle Mile Trilogy. As we revisit San Francisco’s Mission Street we find the latest story told with a visual poem about a fire on Mission Street in the midst of an thick stream of traffic. The divergent range of humanity on Mission Street in San Francisco, the main artery of The Mission district is displayed to tell the story of the clash of dreams and harsh reality using photo-collage that integrates multiple photographic images using proximity and transparency. Text based narrative is restricted to the words that appear as part of the photographic imagery, and by this approach we avoid the possibility of a perceptual interference where text sometimes enables the viewer to minimize the gritty impact of the image by focusing on the less immediate, more cerebral medium of writing and letter forms.


This book resides in these collections:
• The Bancroft Library at The University of California, Berkeley
• Stanford University, Palo Alto, California
• Jack Ginsberg, South Africa
• Paul Hertzmann Collection, San Francisco, California
• University of Miami
• Washington University of St. Louis
• San Diego State University
• University of New Mexico
• School of the Museum of Fine Arts/Tufts University Art Library, Boston, Massachusetts
• The Athenæum Music & Arts Library, La Jolla, California

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The Mission Miracle Mile Trilogy, created in 2009, is the precursor to the latest book. That trilogy takes an intimate look at Mission Street in San Francisco circa 2009. It was a dreamier, less populated street back then.
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