Philip M. Klasky



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San Francisco State University

Colonialism by any other name is still colonialism,
a crime against nature, peace and humanity.
                                                                        -- John Trudell

Philip M. Klasky lectures in the Department of American Indian Studies on issues of law, environmental justice, human rights, de-colonization, media literacy, cultural preservation and ethnography.  He received his master’s degree in Geography and Human Environmental Studies from SFSU where he also attained his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies, a special major.  As a graduate student, Klasky was directly involved in the establishment of the Department of Environmental Studies at SFSU.

Hopi Hands weavingCourses:

AIS 205 American Indians and U.S. Laws
AIS  235 American Indians in the Mass Media
AIS 310 American Indian Religion and Philosophy
ES 685 ProjectTeach – Student Center Internship
ES 699 Independent Study – various student projects

Master’s Thesis: “An Extreme and Solemn Relationship: Native American Perspectives on the Proposed Ward Valley Radioactive Waste Dump” 1997, CSU Inter-library loan, also available through Coyote Press (

Besides his current support and collaboration with American Indian and Alaska Native tribal communities, Klasky’s studies of culture and the environment has included international travel to Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, India, North Africa and Indonesia.