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Ethnographic Recordings

• “Feather Dance Songs” sung by Clarence and Chunn Carillo, 2009, copyright retained by singers. 

• “Songs of the Roundhouse” from Clarence Carillo, 2009, copyright retained by singer.

• “Harold Supriano: A Life of Peace and Justice” – 2008, oral history recorded for the San Francisco State University Labor Archives and Research Center.

• Translation of the Mojave Creation Songs with Llewellyn Barrackman (Mojave) archived at the University of California at Berkeley Bancroft Library, 2002, copyright retained by the Barrackman estate.

• “The Salt Songs of the Nuwuvi People,” 2003, copyright retained by the Salt Song Trail Project.

• “Newe Huvia – Mother Earth Songs” sung by Corbin Harney, 2001, copyright retained by singer.