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of 23 17"x22" fine digital prints
in a deluxe box hand-crafted by Sophia Kramer
features photos from the book and more.


BURROUGHS 23 is a deluxe artist's book By Charles Gatewood
published in 2011, in San Francisco, California by Dana Dana Dana
in a special small edition of 23

Each 11"x14" hand crafted book features high-quality digitally printed reproductions of photographs of American author William S. Burroughs (b. 1914 - d. 1997) shot in London, England in 1972, and in New York, New York, USA in 1975. The book also contains photos of writer Brion Gysin, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, and Rolling Stone Magazine journalist Robert Palmer. Many of these photos have never been seen or published before now.

This book uses the latest digital papers and printing techniques to reproduce the rich, lustrous surface and tonal range of traditional chemically printed black and white photographs. The pages are made of heavy papers and archival inks that have been developed to mimic the silver gelatin prints that Charles Gatewood created in the darkroom throughout his career as a photographer.

BURROUGHS 23 is limited to 23 copies (plus 2 AP copies).
As of January, 2015 there are 4 copies of the book remaining.
Price is subject to change as more copies are sold.
Contact Dana to purchase one of the remaining copies.

Charles made a special offer with the first 3 copies - the book + 3 11x14 silver gelatin of images from the book, signed by the artist. These 3 photographic prints allow those collectors who are interested in silver gelatin photographs the opportunity to compare the genuine, original black and white photographic process with the digital prints included in the book. These 3 books were numbers 1- 3. (SOLD OUT)

The final copy of the edition, #23 is considered to be the most emblematic and desireable copy of the entire edition. #23 comes in a custom box which also contains two 11"x14" photographs signed by Gatewood. Contact Dana for more information about the #23 boxed set.

Photographs, collage and text by Charles Gatewood. Design by Charles Gatewood
30 pages digitally printed with archival inks on semi-gloss digitally coated paper.
Hand sewn and bound with a case binding covered with a digitally printed canvas.
Published by Dana Dana Dana limited editions, San Francisco, California, 2011
Closed book measures 11” by 14.5”

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William Burroughs and Brion Gysin with Dream Machine by Charles Gatewood