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By Dana F. Smith and Christian Philip Zimmerman
2010, San Francisco, California
edition of 20

The hand crafted pages of this book are created with digital collages which are inkjet printed with archival inks, on coated 100% rag paper, and then manually surprinted with exquisite woodcuts and hand-painted text which emphasizes the emotional repurcussions of handwriting and calligraphy.

The book began with Philip Z’s poetic response to a children’s book from the early 70's. The imagery was then developed using a call-and-response collaborative strategy; the text was used as a structure around which Dana's digital-collages were organized. The next step was to develop a series of woodcut block designs that would surprint the images. Then the text was re-edited and hand-painted onto the pages for the final result.

These layers of printing techniques have resulted in a work where lush color, vibrant surface density and complex narrative coalesce into a work of unusual depth. The book is constructed using the accordion format with a canvas cover on front and back. This format allows for the piece to be unfolded and viewed as one long, continuous work of art, as well as a book with pages.

Digital Collage and photography by Dana F. Smith
Woodcut printing, and hand painted poetry by Christian Philip Zimmerman
Hand bound with accordion-style binding and hard canvas cover
Closed book measures 12” by 9”

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